Prefunding: How it Works

It’s good to have choice.

Pay a little now

When you make a small payment at the start you support Australian designers. They buy materials, they get to work in the studio. We only select designers who walk the talk.

Pay the rest only when goods are posted

When goods are finished you get a photo/video. You choose whether to continue or not. If you don’t continue the designer keeps the deposit. If you do continue then you only pay the rest. It’s good to have choice.

Everyone has skin in the game

Backers (you) put money down. Designers make goods and don’t get fully paid until they are complete. Australian Design Festival only supports the best designers. Everyone has skin in the game in a way that grows Australian design in the best way: with direct connections between producers and you.

Hopes and Dreams

By backing a product you are backing a designer. You are part of their hopes and dreamsĀ as they share progress with you.

Prefund Now