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The inaugural festival

June 2016


Open Design Studios 2016
Open Design Studios 2016


Most events were free. Most events filled swiftly. The festival was highly conversational and connecting. Highlights included:

– Open Design Studios took place across Fremantle and Perth Locales. Each studio approached their opening in a different way. All welcomed visitors and gave them a look inside their processes and studio setups.
– Design House Kalamunda showed Australia’s premiere product design, an artist studio and a solar passive home within one event.
– The experience tour of Alex Hotel showed the workings of a boutique hotel and the design decisions of branding architecture and customer journeys.
– Flat-packed furniture workshops fired the imaginations of attendees.
– Masterclasses in Design thinking were participatory and showed what it takes to succeed in design.
– CreativeMornings provided a talk platform but like every event, this was conversational and as much about connecting participants as celebrating the process of design.