Festival Wrap Up (April 2017)

All Done

Australia's best design festival has finished for 2017 with popular events and actions for social good... More...

This year we added activities for kids and continued to reward diversity in design. Most events were small, intimate and dived deep into design. Next up, the results of designs for reducing the impact of domestic violence.

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Full Lineup


Saturday April 1, 10am – 12 pm Maylands
Interviews with Architects and Product Designers in the Studio

This was a perfect way to start the festival... More...


Full Lineup

When different disciplines come together amazing things can happen. We heard from Patrick Miller, owner of finespun on the state of the industry over the past year. Then we moved to interviews with designers. Because Australian Design Festival events are capped you always feel part of the action unfolding around you. All is not lost, check out Donaldson and Warn for more architecture (below).


Wednesday April 5, 6pm Perth
Studio Anywhere

The podcast featuring designers who take their studio anywhere... More...

Interviews with those who carry their studio in a backpack. Stories from the invisible design industry that knows no borders. Internet only event (pre-recorded). Because this is an internet only event… we’ve let the date slip so we could concentrate on in-person events. This podcast will appear before the next festival.



Thursday April 6, 5-6pm Northbridge
Art and design in architecture with Donaldson and Warn

Hosting talks from artists Jon Tarry and Pamela Gaunt... More...

Artists Jon Tarry and Pamela Gaunt have worked in collaboration with Donaldson and Warn on numerous commissions. They will each give a talk, show their work and share the story of art and design in architecture.

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Thursday April 6, 6-7pm Northbridge
Taking Risks is Humaan Nature

Digital agency Humaan open the doors to their large bright space in Northbridge... More...

Humaan strive to make great digital products for a range of local and international clients, but also attempt to balance this with an ongoing pursuit of side projects. They will share their story and cover the rewards and struggles of working in an agency that builds products for clients and themselves.

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Designer Equity Fund

Supporting australian designers through prefunding... More...

Pre-fund a little money now. Pay the rest only when goods are posted.

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Friday April 7, 7:30 – 8:45am Perth
CreativeMornings Perth

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community... More...

Our free, monthly events feature a short talk and breakfast. CreativeMornings runs in over 150 cities worldwide connecting creatives in Perth to each other and the world.

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Friday April 7, 4-5pm Northbridge
Director’s Office Experience Tour Art Gallery of WA

If you want an aspirational office, this (the Director's office) is it... More...

Discover an element of WA hidden from plain view with offices bathed in northern light in the middle of the Perth Cultural Centre. More of a design library than an office, you’ll come away inspired to create your own workspace while discovering what makes the Art Gallery of WA tick. See behind the scenes with the Gallery’s operating education studio and Voluntary Gallery Guides’ lounge.

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Friday April 7,  5-6.30pm Collingwood
Collingwood Studio Tours

Pozible, Schoolhouse Studios and the Commons co all feature in tours and talks in Collingwood, a hotbed of creative industry... More...

Tour Pozible, Schoolhouse Studios and The Commons Co. before talks from the key people behind each of the studios.

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Saturday April 8, 8:30 – 12:30
Food by Design ($95)

8 food producers show you how the culture of food is changing by design...More...

– This event has been cancelled due to factors beyond our control
– All those who have booked will get a full refund and first option on other events in the festival.


Monday April 10, 10am – 3pm Northbridge
Just Draw 

The Art Gallery of WA is turned over to Kids aged 5-12... More...

This activity is for children who love to draw. We’re setting up in the alcove between the Gallery and the wetland. Look for the bean bags and children with clipboards. Just Draw was originally designed by a nine year old (Eli) who loves to draw and after we offered him the role of artistic director he prefers to be known as the pencil guardian.

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..Sometime in July… Bassendean
ArtsHouse – From Caretakers Cottage to Integrated Education 

A rundown caretaker's cottage has been repurposed as a house for guest artists at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus. They aren't ready for you right now but will be in July.

.. More...

Discover how this small, generous step has been the key to unlocking potential in the community, students and educators. Meet the artists in residence, tour the studios and explore the upcoming collaboration with CO3, WA’s Flagship contemporary dance company. “>Postponed until July.


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